This site is the membership site.

  • Click “Become a member” from the “Menu” in the upper right to register as a member.
  • After that, please make (process to pay)  a registration for ACM 2020 from “Shop” page.
  • Even if you become a member of this site, you will not be registered (of ACM 2020) unless you make a registration.
Registering on this site does not mean that you have registered for FISM ACM 2020.
After registering on the site, please purchase necessary items from “Shop” page.
在本网站上注册并不意味着您已经注册了FISM ACM2020
이 사이트에 등록한 것만으로는 FISMACM 2020Registration 한 것이 되지 않습니다.
사이트에 등록한 후 “Shop” 페이지에서 필요한 아이템을 구입하시기 바랍니다.

サイトに登録しただけではFISM ACM 2020にレジストレーションしたことにはなりません。


The contents described here are the same as the following site.
Please read that together.

Name used for Registration

  • Be sure to use the same name as your passport for Registration. On the day of the event (at the registration desk), we will check your passport and exchange the name tag with tickets etc. Make sure to apply with the same name as your passport (also we check your date of birth).

When purchasing multiple items in one order

  • No Group Discount in this time, there is an early-bird discount only.
  • If multiple (Group) registrations are made at one time (such as couples, in one time order you can register max 10 people), we will arrange seats next to each other unless the representative has registered at the same time (same Order ID is required) . We cannot respond to requests such as later.
  • One order (one order ID) can handle up to 10 registrations. However, only one representative can register (input the name etc) for one order, so please let us know the other person’s AMN ID from this site after payment. All participants must create (register) an ID on the AMN site. 

About “color” of ticket

  • When you make a registration, a separate registration for RED and BLUE is required. There is a possibility of being divided into two groups on the event. Therefore, if you want to participate with friends on the same timetable, be sure to select the same color. The color cannot be changed after made a registration.

About cancellation

  • Once paid,  will be refunded by deducting 15% of the payment amount until September 30th (It is based on the time of the venue, Korea).
  • No refunds can be made for future dates.
  • In addition, a separate remittance fee is required for the amount you receive (it depends your bank or your residence).
  • The refund method will be based on the method paid. If you pay by Card, you will be refunded to Paypal, and if you transfer by bank, you will transfer it to your bank account.
  • The Cancel criteria will be based on the date that this site is contacted.
  • If the event must be canceled or postponed due to force majeure, the cancellation date will be extended and a refund will be given. However, the fee required for the refund (approximately 15% of the paid amount) will be borne by the applicant. Force majeure refers to public health issues (including coronavirus infections), wars, terrorism, and so on.